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Restoring the DeLorean time machine to its original glory

Article from The Verge

After more than a year of development, the original DeLorean time machine from Back to the Future has been fully restored, and is now on display at Universal Studios in Hollywood. This week’s announcement marks the culmination of the Time Machine Restoration project, which has been closely tracking the restoration’s progress on its Facebook page. The so-called “Hero A” car is actually one of three models used during filming, and was used predominantly for shots with the actors themselves (models B and C were used for stunts and close interior shots, respectively). The restored car’s front flux bands have been replaced, but its caretakers say they were able to use mostly original materials, since the DeLorean will be used only for display, rather than actual driving.

“When you’re building a replica, you can decide how forgiving you want to be,” project leader Joe Walser told “But to do it right, to truly nail it… to hold every piece to the highest level of accuracy achievable — well, that’s the real trick, and it took the best team in the world an incredible amount of time and effort to pull it off. It simply had to be what it was — a labor of love.”


Google is slowly pulling down Google Glass’ veil of secrecy. With each announcement, the company reveals a bit more of its secrets. This time around, the video above shows Google Glass’ UI in real world situations — you know, real world as in jumping from a plane and swinging on a trapeze. Forget about the wide-eyed concept videos; this is the real deal.

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This $9 Cardboard Bike Can Support Riders Up To 485lbs


It’s 100% recycled and very lightweight, with a frame that’s stronger than carbon fiber.



More about the $9 Cardboard bike

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“Sharky” tea infuser


I drink a LOT of tea.
This is possibly the best tea related item I have seen all year.
Plus being able to quote nearly every line from Jaws, it’s on my Christmas present list.


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Toast message system


I need one of these in my life, but I don’t know where get it from … any helpers out there?

toast writer

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Cheeming Boey

Check out the work of Cheeming Boey, a video game designer and animator from Newport Beach, CA. In his off time, he does Sharpie on styrofoam cups.
Truely inspiring stuff.

Check out his website here

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Exhibition: Enchanted Forest


Found on Behance

Fantastic and original work by Hine [hee-neh] Mizushima.
Taxonomy of felt plush creatures inhabiting an enchanted forest, love the Octosnakes too.


See more here

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New Star Wars Identities Exhibit Portraits

found on the official star wars blog

The Star Wars Identities exhibit, which opens in Montreal, Canada on April 19 and comes to Edmonton, Canada on October 27, will explore the theme of personal identity both in ourselves and in the characters that inhabit the Star Wars universe. The exhibit’s marquee image – the inkblot Darth Vader – quickly captivated our readers when it was first revealed last November. Canadian ad agency Bleublancrouge, who created the inkblot Vader video and is one of three companies that make up X3 Productions (the exhibit’s licensee), has created several new character portraits for the campaign.


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Moster skin rug

found on

I’m thinking about moving house, and have just found this …
Just about perfect for my monster / dinosaur plush obsession.

The Monster Skin Rugs are hand made with wool felt by artist Joshua Ben Longo who says that because he creates the rugs by hand, each piece is a little bit different.

Click here to see more

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Death Star over Copenhagen

Advertising campaign for Toys’R’Us

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