Posted by: ADsevenfour | January 6, 2010

23 creative and amazing bike designs

from Design daily news by Mirko

If you think that bikes are pretty boring, think again. These bicycles or concepts will maybe convince you to drop your car, or at least they will be please your eyes.

Foldable bicycles

These are the best if you want to take your bike in the train or have no place to park it.

1. A bike that folds

folding bike

2. Grasshoper bike

grasshoper bike

3. Cannondale Jacknife

cannondale jacknife

4. A-bike


5. Reinvention of the wheel

reinvention of the wheel

Bike concepts

These are not produced yet, but they all try to give new ideas for the future of biking.

6. Inner city bike

inner city bike

7. Wire bike

wire bike

8. Taurus bike

taurus bike

9. Variable frame bike

variable frame bike

10. i Bike

i bike

11. Nulla minimalist bike

nulla minimalist bike

Creative bike add-ons

So you have a pretty boring bike and you are not willing to change it? Then just pimp it up with these bike add-ons.

12. Cell frame

cell frame

13. Bike wheel lights

led bike monkey light

14. Handlebar bag

handlebar bag

15. Light lane

light lane

Bikes with wonderful design

These are the ones you should be looking at if you plan to buy the coolest bike.

16. Plus Bike

plus bike

17. Mosquito bike

mosquito bike

18. Shocker

bike motorbike design

19. Trek x

trek x

20. Electrobike


Bizarre bike designs

Just for fun, a few bicyles that just look akward.

21. Forkless bike

forkless bike

22. The walking bike

walking bike

23. The Wooden bicycle

wooden bike



  1. I want to show you “real wooden bicycle” from Japan.
    Fram,Front fork,Handle,Saddle,Seat post,Rims are all made by Honduras Mahogany.
    Please check this site.
    How about that?

    • Really nice gallery of images … very impressive

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