Posted by: ADsevenfour | April 6, 2010

Email subject lines … not marketing scam or bullshit.

The clue is in the title. Literally.

If your subject line isn’t clear, your recipient is not going to understand what you’re email is about.

Whether you are writing to a friend, your line manager or a complaining to EasyJet, these tips are for you. They will save you time, your time.

The subject line should contain a summery of the email, relating specific details so it can be easily understood before opening.
This will set a president for the rest of the mail.
It outlines clearly what you are communicating to the recipient.
It will allow the recipient (and yourself) to archive / file the email in a way that is searchable in future.
It creates clarity to the recipient, making them feel at ease and therefore more likely to read the email rather than ignore it until they have to read it, and then phone you anyway to find out what it is about anyway.

What this boils down to is about presentation and expectations of people.

Just think of all the tweets that you have clicked on to read the rest of the story, it’s the same idea. 140 characters (or less) of nonsense is not going to make me want to read anything else about the subject, and indeed in my case will probably result in me blocking or removing myself from receiving anymore.

Oh and if you are going to complain to EasyJet, this is a good time saving idea too.
Write fuck you in the subject line and leave it at that.


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